About Us

Master Wall®, Inc., manufactures Quality Stucco, Coatings and Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) for residential and commercial projects. Master Wall® is well positioned in the industry - large enough to meet your needs, but small enough to remember your name.


Founded in December of 1987, the goal of Master Wall is to provide our industry with the best quality products backed by informed employees committed to service at a competitive price.


Master Wall® is Committed to the Highest Industry Standards

Steve Smithwick, President of Master Wall®, Inc., is pleased to provide our distributors, contractors and architects with the finest professional staff in the industry today. Everyone in the Master Wall family is a trained professional with many years of experience in their respective discipline. From customer service to production, from training to warranties, from conception to completion, we are all at your service.


Mission Statement

  1. To manufacture the highest quality EIFS and related products (coatings, adhesives, etc.) available in the market.
  2. To be the service leader of our industry in the region and areas that we market our products.
  3. To be respected in our industry because of honesty and integrity within our ranks.
  4. To encourage our employees to set the highest standards possible for their careers and their personal lives by supporting them through education, training and sharing any God given wisdom we may obtain. To compensate all employees in such a way that they can support themselves and their families in a comfortable manner.
  5. To seek God's guidance in all decisions and to give Him glory for any results.